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To Repair or Not To Repair Your Tire

A flat tire doesn't always mean you need a brand new tire. Tires can often be repaired and continue to be road-worthy for the full life of the tire.  Tires are safe to repair when: 

  • The tire was not driven while flat
  • The sidewall is not damaged
  • Any puncture is  ¼” or less

Patching a Tire Verses Plugging


Any tire damage should first be assessed with a visual inspection that requires the tire to be removed from the vehicle. The best and safest way to repair a tire is with a patch. Avoid repairing your tire with a "plug".  This type of repair is not as reliable or safe as a patch. 

Industry Recommendations

For your safety, tires should always be repaired in accordance with industry recommended procedures.

Some suggested practices are: 

  • Tire should be demounted from the wheel
  • The inside and outside of the tire should be carefully inspected.  
  • Patches should be used rather than plugs
  • Repairs should not be made when the puncture is located in the sidewall area


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